Ogg invents the wheel

We make every effort to provide cost-effective patent counsel to our clients.  Obtaining a patent is, none-the-less, expensive.  It is important to have an understanding of all of the costs that may be expected from filing until issue of your application as a patent.

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Our Fees and Billing Procedure

One of the ways we maintain a low overhead is by avoiding money collection problems.  We work hard on your behalf, and maintain the highest quality standards.  For our effort, we expect to be paid.   Before we can begin work on your project, you will have to deposit a retainer into our trust account to cover your expected costs.

If you decide to use our services, we may jointly execute a nondisclosure agreement.  After you tell us about your invention, we can estimate your expected application costs.  You will deposit a retainer to cover your expected costs into the Inventor Services trust account.  We will tell you the estimated cost to complete each phase of work in advance.  (e.g. $700 for a patent database search for an invention in the mechanical classification and a patentability analysis with respect to novelty; perhaps $4,000 for a moderately-to-fairly complex US patent application).

After each phase of our work is complete, we will send you a billing invoice.  Billing disputes will be settled by mediation under the guidance of the American Arbitration Association.  Unless we are notified of a dispute, we will withdraw our fee from the trust account 30 days after the invoice date.  Any remaining balance in the trust account will be refunded to you following the allowance of your patent or completion of our work.  Any overage for our work will be billed on a net 30 basis.  You will be expected to pay USPTO fees, express mailing charges (if required), and drawing costs when due.

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